Skopelos Kastani Beach

Kastani Beach is where much of Mamma Mia! was filmed.

Skopelos has a good range of sandy beaches around its coastline. There are also many coves and inlets that can only be accessed by boat. Here is a selection of the more popular and accessible beaches that you can find on Skopelos:

Staphylos Beach

Situated on the south coast of Skopelos, Staphylos is probably the most popular beach with the residents of Hora (Skiathos Town) as it is only a few kilometres away. This horse-shoe-shaped beach is mainly sand and is backed by the lush pine trees that almost grow down to the water's edge. Small private boats are often moored in the bay as the water is very calm and clear. There are many amenities available on or near the beach, including sun beds, parasols and a beach bar.

Kastani Beach

Kastani beach has been made internationally famous by the recent success of the hit musical movie Mamma Mia! as much of the film was shot here. This beautiful beach on the west coast of Skopelos is generally quite quiet and is a 15 kilometre drive from Hora (Skopelos Town). Like many other beaches on Skopelos, the lush pine forest extends down to the back of the beach.

Glossa Beach Skopelos

The beach at Glossa

Glossa Beach

Situated at the north-western end of Skopelos, Glossa beach is popular with residents of the village of the same name and also the inhabitants of nearby Loutraki. This expansive beach has sunbed and parasol facilities available.

Velanio Beach

Situated just 4.5 kilometres from Hora (Skopelos Town), Velanio beach is but a short walk from neighbouring Staphylos beach. Velanio beach is a naturists beach and as such can be much quieter than Staphylos.

Limnonari Beach

Limnonari beach is located in a discrete bay on the south-western corner of Skopelos. This quiet sandy beach is well served by the excellent local tavernas.

Agnondas Beach Skopelos

Agnondas Beach

Agnondas Beach

Agnondas beach is a small sandy beach that is just 8.5 kilometres from Hora (Skopelos Town) on the south-west coast of Skopelos. This lovely beach oozes charm and benefits from being served by a couple of excellent tavernas. The beach acts as a small port for the local inhabitant's  fishing boats.

Hovolo & Elios Beaches

Situated a little further north along the western coastline from Kastani beach are the beaches of Hovolo and Elios. Approximately 19 kilometres from Hora (Skopelos Town) these beaches offer full sunbed, parasol and beach bar facilities. Nearby tavernas are popular places to eat and find refreshment.

Panormos Beach Skopelos

Panormos Beach

Panormos Beach

This wonderful beach is situated midway along the western coast of Skopelos, approximately 12 kilometres from Hora (Skopelos Town). This beach is quite popular with tourists and locals alike and is a good place to watch the sun go down after a hard day's rest and relaxation. The beach offers sunbed and parasol services, whilst there are nearby tavernas and bars that can supply you with all the refreshments that you require.

Milia Beach Skopelos

Milia Beach

Milia Beach

Milia beach is situated approximately 14 kilometres from Hora (Skiathos Town) on the west coast of Skopelos. This large and sandy beach offers a full sun bed and parasol service.

The beach provides visitors with a fantastic view westwards over the sea towards neighbouring Skiathos.

Many people consider Milia beach to be the best-organised beach on Skopelos.

Agios Ioannis Beach Skopelos

Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis Beach is a small narrow sandy beach on the north eastern shore of Skopelos. It is backed by a steep terrain and as such is relatively quiet and secluded. There is a monastery (Ai Yiannis) nearby.