Skopelos Town

Skopelos Town, also known as Hora

Skopelos Town, known as Hora to the locals, is the principal town on the island and has a very modest population of roughly 3000. Despite its status as the island's capital, Hora has a warm and intimate charm.

Picturesque Venetian houses, with their balconies and verandah's draped with flowers, line narrow streets that meander from the port, through the town, up the hill to the remains of a fourth-century fortress. Not surprisingly, Hora has been designated as a heritage settlement.

Hora is the place where most visitors to Skopelos will first set foot on the island as it is here that the ferries and hydrofoils from neighbouring Skiathos dock.

Skopelos Town leaves a memorable first impression; with the brilliant white houses and their terracotta tile roofs nestling next to a plethora of small quaint churches on the hillside overlooking the bay, it truly is a sight to behold. Add to that the backdrop of lush green pine forest contrasting with the aqua marine of the Aegean Sea, and a magical vista is yours to savour.


Skopelos Town offers a full range of facilities. The waterfront has a good selection of tavernas and restaurants, whilst the town has supermarkets, shops, jewellers and boutiques that cater to your every need. It is also possible to hire a car or motorbike in Hora with which you can explore the rest of the island.

A full range of accommodation is available in Skopelos Town, including a selection of hotels from two-star to four-star, a wide selection of apartments and studios as well as private villas with pools.